Sicari Healing Arts

Do you seek relief from insomnia, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, sexual dysfunction, menstrual problems, allergies, digestive problems, and major life changes?  Become more intimate with your life, move through the changes with more peace, and heal from imbalances on the physical, mental, and emotional levels at Sicari Healing Arts.


Acupuncture is a core technique within the ancient art and science of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Fine, sterile needles are gently and delicately inserted into specific points within the body that are aligned with meridians of Qi, or life force energy, within our bodies, minds, and spirits. Learn More

Chinese Herbs

Herbal treatment is one particularly powerful tool within traditional Chinese medicine. It uses the body’s innate capabilities in order to restore function and ease. Herbal medicine goes deeper than merely alleviating a set of symptoms, it treats the organic cause behind any condition. Learn More


Our bodies are wise! Our symptoms all teach us something about how we move through the world, calling our attention back to our bodies like a crying baby or pet. To enter a therapeutic relationship is to enter a partnership where the practitioner is the witness and mirror, and we are the drivers. Learn More


Make A Space for Wellness In Your Life