Our bodies are wise!

Our symptoms all teach us something about how we move through the world, calling our attention back to our bodies like a crying baby or pet. To enter a therapeutic relationship is to enter a partnership where the practitioner is the witness and mirror, and we are the drivers.

The herbs, the acupuncture, and other interventions applied by a practitioner are simply re-teaching the body to move, rest, and play with ease. We initiate the same treatments ourselves when we move, eat, breathe, rest and play with care and attention to our bodies and our unique experiences.

All of the applied treatment modalities will be complemented by lifestyle suggestions. In seeking healing, we are taking on an attitude of curiosity and learning about our bodies and our experiences. The treatments, with needles, herbs, or manual therapies, will reflect and augment these observations and actions.

Realign With Your Life

Lifestyle suggestions may include movement practices like exercise, walking, qi gong, or yoga. They may include Chinese dietary therapy, which regards food as medicine. The practice of stillness, breathing, meditation or other contemplation is essential to some people’s healing.

Make A Space For Wellness In Your Life

Design a way of living that can create the respite, movement, ease, or peace that you seek.